Our Brands

From sales, installation and service of security alarm systems, to smart home accessories, to traditional CCTV systems, to advanced thermal scanners, to 24/7 ULC accredited alarm monitoring, to multi-lingual operators, to private guard response, to personal safety, Columbia Security Group has got you covered.

Columbia Security Systems and Surveillance

Columbia Security Systems and Surveillance is a leading provider of integrated security alarm products including a variety of camera systems.

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APC Security Alarm and Monitoring

We all know that an alarm signal can be stressful and being able to communicate in one's mother tongue is essential. APC specializes in providing stress free solutions for Mandarin and Cantonese users.

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Midas Alarm and Security

Security alarm systems provide peace of mind for their users. Midas offers a no-frills service at a competitive price.

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Altech Station

Altech Station is a state-of-the art ULC listed monitoring station providing multilingual Canada-wide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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